Health & Medication Information

Health & Medication Information






Students entering Kindergarten and the 7th grade in the GWCRS System must have a physical and dental checkup before the school year begins. Please check with your child’s doctor for appropriate forms. These forms must be returned to the school by the child's first day of school.  Children entering the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs must also supply immunization records to the school at the same time. 



Health records are maintained in the Principal’s office or nurse's station at each school.  Each school also provides office space for school nurses who are staff members of the Woonsocket Education Department.  The nurses conduct state-mandated health tests and maintain up-to-date records on students’ health and medical conditions.


Please refer to the Parent Student Handbook for additional information concerning school day policy on student illness, dismissal and treatment.





If it is necessary that a child take any medication during the school day, the following procedures will be followed:


*This also applies for short-term medication that must to be taken in school, such as antibiotics.  Medications that must be taken three (3) times daily should be taken in the morning, after school and in the evening. Students must also leave prescription inhalers in the Principal’s office for use. Medication, with the exception of inhalers, can only be administered by the nurse, a doctor, or parent of the child unless the child has permission to self-administer.  


·        A student’s private physician must order all medications the order must be signed and include the medication being taken, dosage, time of day the medication is to be taken and the condition being treated.


·        The GWCRS medication permission form must be completed and signed by the parent and returned to the school nurse.      


·        The medication will be kept and properly stored by the school nurse.


·        The child will take the proper dosage at the appropriate time under the supervision of the medication nurse, if possible. Otherwise, a parent/guardian or someone designated by them must come in to give the medication to the child/children. A school employee, even if they are related to a child, cannot be designated.


·        The medication must be sent to school in the original prescription bottle with the label of instructions and the child’s name attached to the bottle or the original manufacturer-labeled container for non-prescription medication.


·        A new form must be completed for any changes in medication.


Medication Permission Request Form