Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy


Students are expected to attend all structured and scheduled classes throughout the course of a school day on every scheduled school day. 


Each teacher takes attendance at the start of each school day, and teachers report absences to the Principal’s office.  The Principal gives a detention for the first unexcused absence and notifies the parents.  A second violation may result in a suspension of one school day.  A third unexcused absence may result in a second longer suspension, the student’s placement on disciplinary probation and notification of the parents.  A subsequent violation may result in consideration of expulsion by the Administrative Council.


Regular attendance at school is necessary for academic success.  Make-up assignments and make-up time do not adequately replace class attendance.  The decision whether or not to excuse a student’s absence from school belongs to the Principal.  A note from home does not automatically excuse an absence.



When a student is absent, a parent notifies the school by telephone within an hour of the start of school on the day of the absence.  The School Secretary will contact parents who have not reported the absence of their child on that day.


Excused Absence: An excused absence from school is still a recorded absence; it simply means there is no penalty attached to it.

Acceptable reasons for an excused absence include:

                        1) A doctor’s appointment;

                        2) Death or serious illness in the immediate family;

                        3) Personal illness;

                        4) Mandatory court appearance;

                        5) Other serious reasons acceptable at the discretion of the Principal.


Excessive Absence: In the interest of keeping absences to a minimum, parents will be informed of excessive excused absence from school or from a particular class period.  If a student has been absent for more than ten days in a semester, or for a total of twenty days in the school year, the Principal will arrange a conference with the parents and the student’s teachers to discuss the actual and potential consequences of the student’s absence.


Family Vacations: Absences for vacation reasons should be avoided.  In cases of absolute necessity, a note must be brought to the Principal’s office one week in advance of the requested absence.  No class or homework will be given before the requested absence.

All class and homework missed during the absence will be given after the vacation and should be completed within two weeks of the student’s return to school.  Teachers are not required to remain after school to provide extra help in cases of absence due to vacation.  Tests and quizzes are to be made up at the convenience of the teacher, and only after all class and homework has been completed. 



Class/field trips are an essential part of the academic program and a valuable educational experience for the students.  Parents are encouraged to approve their child's participation in these trips, and to seek assistance from the principal if problems or questions arise.  An absence from a class/field trip is considered an absence from school and will be treated in the same fashion as a regular absence.



School: A student arriving after the official starting time of school is considered late and will be marked as tardy regardless of the reason, as per state law.  The student must report to the Principal’s office before being admitted to class.  A student not following this procedure is considered absent.  Frequent tardiness will result in a phone call to the parents by the Principal.

Class: A student entering class at the middle school after the bell has rung is considered late.  This shall be noted on the attendance slip.  In cases of repeat offenders, the teacher may refuse to accept the student into class until the student has reported to the Principal, or the teacher may issue the student a detention.



A parent wishing to have their child dismissed early will send a note to the Principal at the beginning of the day.  The note from the parents or guardian should specify the time and reason for dismissal.  The Principal authorizes all such requests; if the Principal decides not to honor the request, the parent and student will be notified immediately.  Before leaving the building, a student must be signed out at the Principal’s office.