Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Education in the Greater Woonsocket Catholic Regional School System is a ministry of the Catholic Church.  Our primary goal is to develop each student as a creative, responsible and loving member of the local, national and world community, fully prepared with the religious faith, spiritual values, knowledge and skills to enhance the growth of themselves and others toward God and a more just, peaceful world.  Through our curricular and extra-curricular programs, the knowledge acquired, the skills developed and the values accepted all contribute toward the students’ self-esteem and their future success in academic pursuits, career goals and life commitments.

Our educational and extracurricular programs are designed to:

      - Recognize the individual differences among children;

      - Provide a learning environment to respond to these differences; and

      - Foster the spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional growth of our students.




Consistent with the call of the American Bishops’ 1972 letter “To Teach As Jesus Did”, we are committed to living and spreading the message of the Gospels that salvation is found through Jesus and His call to love God and one another; that this Gospel message is best realized and nurtured through the development of an educational community that fosters sincere concern, mutual support, the challenge to excellence, and a spirit of cooperation; and that this experience will spark a desire in ourselves and our students to place our gifts at the service of others.




The student’s education in the faith is the task of all faculty and staff members, both in the classroom and as role models in their personal and professional relationships.

Our system seeks to prepare students with the basic skills and knowledge that will serve as a foundation for their active and responsible role in society.  Within this academic process we attempt to provide the moral framework that will shape their actions and roles into a Christian affirmation of human dignity and worth.